Kingston Events

Monday, November 26

Oragami Cranes

All November--Join Us at Anna Fascetilli Fitness & Wellness Center and learn how to make peace oragami cranes. Relax, unwind, and meet friends. Let the Good...

Senior Water Excersie

These programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals over the age of 55 years. This class consists of a full-hour of water exercise using a variety...


Inter-Media featuring the work of Johnny Adimando, Susie Matthews and Mara Trachtenberg is an exhibition of artists who work in and through different media....

Tree Farm

"Tree Farm" by Michael Palumbo is an extension of a planting project Michael has been working on in northern Rhode Island since 2015. That project entails...

 Supporting Trans and Nonbinary Students in the Classroom

If you are a faculty and/or staff member who teaches, how do you make an effort to support and promote inclusion for trans and nonbinary students in your...

SOARC Committee

A meeting of the Student Organization Advisory and Review Committee of Senate

Writing for Wellness

Come Join Us every Monday at 4:30pm at the Wellness Resource Center in Anna Fascitelli. Meet friends, relax, and enjoy!

Come In, Come Out

A support group that focuses on all of the lifelong issues associated with coming out and being out.

Monday, November 26