Kingston Events

Wednesday, October 24

Economics and Society Speaker Series

As part of the Economics and Society speaker series. Speaker: Nancy Folbre, Professor of Economics Emerita and director of the Program on Gender and Care...

Reimagining Gender:  Voices, Power, Gender

New ways of thinking about gender dominate our culture and politics today. What is the relevance of gender today in shaping human rights in an increasingly...

Seminar - "Data-Driven Dynamic Robust Resource Allocation for Efficient Transportation"

Abstract: Ubiquitous sensing in smart cities enables large-scale multi-source data collected in real-time, poses several challenges and requires a...

Alternatives: Reducing Substances in Your Life

A drop in group on Wednesdays for URI students who want to cut back or quit Judgment-fee conversation, support, & snacks with other students just like you.

RCF Coffee & Scripture

Join us for a weekly in-depth exploration of the Bible. Whether you are a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or someone who just wants to learn about...

Student Senate Campus Committee

A meeting of Student Senate's Campus Committee

Trans and Non-Binary Support Group

A group for Trans and Non-Binary students, for discussion of life and issues on campus, the world, and anything else students wish to talk about.

Carole Radziwill: Journalist, Author, Television Personality

The URI Harrington School of Communication and Media and the Department of Journalism proudly host Carole Radziwill at the 11th annual Christiane Amanpour...

Wednesday, October 24