Kingston Events

Wednesday, October 17

Off-campus and Commuter Housing Fair

Meet with landlords and find off-campus housing for next semester or next academic year

Fresh Check Day

We hope to see you at the 3nd Annual Fresh Check Day - a FREE fair-like event that includes interactive booths, food, prizes, and resources in an...

Reimagining Gender:  Voices, Power, Gender

New ways of thinking about gender dominate our culture and politics today. What is the relevance of gender today in shaping human rights in an increasingly...

ECBE Seminar - "Multimodal Imaging and Modulation of the Human Brain"

Speaker: Han Yuan, Assistant Professor School of Biomedial Engineering University of...

Alternatives: Reducing Substances in Your Life

A drop in group on Wednesdays for URI students who want to cut back or quit Judgment-fee conversation, support, & snacks with other students just like you.

RCF Coffee & Scripture

Join us for a weekly in-depth exploration of the Bible. Whether you are a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or someone who just wants to learn about...

Health Industries Networking Event

Get ready for your job and internship interviews and learn more about the Health and Health Sciences field! This speed networking event will allow students...

Student Senate Campus Committee

A meeting of Student Senate's Campus Committee

Self Expression Night

Are you artistic and creative? Do you enjoy seeing other people create and share artistic endeavors? If so, please come and join us for our Self Expression...

Trans and Non-Binary Support Group

A group for Trans and Non-Binary students, for discussion of life and issues on campus, the world, and anything else students wish to talk about.

Chi Omega Scholarship Workshop

The members of Chi Omega will discuss and learn about key parts of majors and academic resources.


Sink or be sunk! Keep your ship afloat while trying to splash water into other boats and capsize your opponents. Captain your canoe and navigate the waters...

Wednesday, October 17