Swim the Caribbean

Monday, May 02, 2022

Tootell Aquatic Center
105 Keaney Rd., Kingston, RI, 2881

Make your laps count and just keep swimming! 

Begin your challenge on the coast of Grenada,  and swim to multiple islands in the Caribbean, finishing at Martinique. You will pass a total of 19 points including beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and scenic towns.  The total challenge is about 100 miles with many smaller goals to set for yourself. Four incentives will be given along the way to motivate you. The first incentive will be given when you reach Mayreau, the second at St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the third at the St. Lucia, and the last at Martinique.   

Starting is easy! join us at the pool ready to swim,  the aquatic staff on the pool deck will help you register.  

Details: Swimmers will swim lengths (a length is once up – a lap is up and back) in either the instructional pool or the lap pool.  Seventy-one lengths make a mile. 

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