Intramural Sports - Spring 1 Session

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Mackal Field House
75 Keaney Rd., Kingston, RI, 2881

Looking to find ways to stay active and competitive? Join an Intramural Sports team! 

URI Campus Recreation offers Intramural Sports 4 times a year with tournaments available year-round for students to get involved and stay active. Participants at all levels are encouraged to register! 

None of your friends want to participate with you? Don't worry! We have Free Agent registration with a Free Agent Meeting held the last day of registration, Tuesday, Feb 1st, 8-9pm to get you on a team with others interested in the sport! Meet us at Anna Fascitelli Seminar Room.

Want to learn more about Intramural Sports, join us on Zoom for our Program General Session Tues. January 25th, 7:30pm Zoom link is provided when you sign up on

Registration Starts @12pm on Jan 19th and Ends @7pm on Feb 2nd

Sports Offered:

  • 5v5 Basketball (M/W/C) $53.50/team
  • Futsal (M/W/C) $53.50/team
  • Volleyball (O) $53.50/team
  • Ice Hockey (O) $180/player *NOTE: Ice Hockey registration continues for one additional week and ends on Feb 8th.

M=Mens, W=Womens, C=Co-Ed, O=Open, S=singles, D=doubles

Register on today!


*Masks must be worn for all indoor sports

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