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Bio at Noon: Dr. Andrew Davies and unravelling the ecology of the last great wilderness on earth

Title: "Unravelling the ecology of the last great wilderness on earth," presented by Dr. Andrew J Davies of URI.

Abstract: “The deep ocean is truly one of the most challenging and expensive habitats on earth to study. It requires a multi-disciplinary approach that bridges the scientific disciplines of physics, chemistry, geology and biology. Remote locations and crushing pressures at depth have historically hindered what we could achieve. However, recent technological advancements now provide scientists with the tools to significantly enhance our knowledge and allow us to ask increasingly complex questions about the deep ocean. In this seminar, I will first take this opportunity to introduce my background and research interests to the staff and students of GSO, and briefly touch on my aims and recent activities whilst I have been at URI. I will follow with a review of how our understanding of structurally complex systems, ranging from geological features such as canyons through to biogenic reefs such as those formed by cold-water corals and sponges, has been shaped by novel approaches and technologies. I particularly focus on how species distribution models have developed into a valuable and accessible tool that has had substantial impact in conservation and management, and how they can fill gaps in our understanding, particularly in data poor regions. In conclusion, I will present my opinion of where the next decade of deep-sea ecological research may focus, and how we can adapt, develop and exploit technological advancements to allow deep-sea science to have greater scientific and societal impact.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Narragansett Bay Campus, Corless Auditorium

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Graduate School of Oceanography



Graduate School of Oceanography
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