2021 Inclusive SciComm Symposium

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Virtual Event

The University of Rhode Island’s Metcalf Institute and the Inclusive SciComm Symposium Planning Committee invite you to register for the 2021 Inclusive SciComm Symposium, held virtually this year, October 14 – 16.

The Inclusive SciComm Symposium is designed to build and support a community that challenges the dominant, marginalizing norms of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) and to promote science communication that values individual and group assets. This international convening of science communication and community engagement practitioners, formal and informal educators, scholars, trainers, and funders is an opportunity to share and discuss practical approaches to equitable public engagement with STEMM and meet the urgency of this moment.  

Who Should Attend the Inclusive SciComm Symposium?

If you study or practice communication related to STEMM with public audiences – as an educator, journalist, community organizer, activist, researcher, social media user, filmmaker, librarian, or in any other capacity – this symposium is for you. Join the growing movement to foster inclusive and equitable public participation in science, center marginalized perspectives, and build a greater sense of belonging in STEMM.

Special Invitation to Community Engagement Practitioners

Are you working with community members to serve their priorities? The Inclusive SciComm Symposium seeks to work in solidarity and community with those of you who are on the ground floor of advancing and realizing equity. We are dedicating intentional time and energy to convene a network of community engagement practitioners at the 2021 Symposium. This initiative aims to support community-developed knowledge, alignment, and action.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to apply to join a cohort of your community engagement peers at this year's Inclusive SciComm Symposium. With support from Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation, those selected for the Community Cohort will receive a registration fee waiver valued at $200 and are eligible to receive a $200 honorarium.

Click here to learn more about the Inclusive SciComm Community Cohort and apply. Cohort applications are due by September 8, 2021.

The two-day symposium will explore the following themes: 


  • Decolonizing science communication (scicomm) Sessions will address: introductions to decolonizing science/scicomm; successful examples of decolonizing scicomm; material actions to decolonize scicomm vs. metaphorical decolonizing; multilingual scicomm; foregrounding non-Western methods; integrating multiple ways of knowing.


  • Dismantling oppressive/exclusionary institutional structures Sessions will explore the ways that inclusive scicomm can be used to address or discuss: scientific gatekeeping; whose voices are amplified/silenced; defining what “expertise” is and who is considered to be a “scientist”; moving from “outreach” to “engagement”; institutional change; facilitating difficult conversations across difference; ethics of the practice, role, or responsibility of science communicators and communication.


  • Building a supportive and collaborative Inclusive SciComm community 
    Sessions will address: building and supporting equitable relationships and collaborations with marginalized communities; supporting inclusive scicomm in your organization; moving past “firsting”; building a sense of belonging in the movement; caring for the science communicator (e.g., strategies for countering burnout).

    Learn more and register here.

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