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Donna Buckley

Donna Buckley posted a photo 8/7/2013

Jhodi Redlich

Jhodi Redlich posted a photo 4/30/2013

Download the flyer about this event. Download the flyer about this event.

Jhodi Redlich

Jhodi Redlich posted a photo 3/13/2013

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suppressed suppressed left a positive review 12/5/2011

I was very happy to speak with students, faculty, and other experts, from eclectic backgrounds and sciences. It was an excellent learning experience.

Lenore Martin

Lenore Martin left a positive review 12/5/2011

The room was full of excitement and anticipation as old friends re-connected and new faculty and graduate students were introduced around the room. The science on the posters represented a breathtaking array of top-notch posters attended by the students and faculty who did the work, most posters were recently arrived from their display at the Annual Society for Neuroscience meeting and gave those of us who did not attend a chance to chat about these results. The event was incredibly well-run and everything was set up to encourage warm and enthusiastic communication between scientists, even those who had to stand by a poster and could not easily circulate were able to interact with those facing them and on either side, so it worked well. I felt a bit sorry for the graduate student greeter standing out in the rain, but he was incredibly cheerful about it. I think cheerful and exciting would best describe my experience. Kudos to all who planned and organized this conference!!!!

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