Narragansett Bay Events

February 2019

Friday, February 1

Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Nicholas Foukal

Join us for a seminar from Dr. Nicholas Foukal, Postdoctoral Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Title: Ocean heat transport from the...

Wednesday, February 6

Bio at Noon: Dr. Sam Laney

Title: “Dante’s 9th circle of hell is ice, something to keep in mind when studying light and algae in polar ocean ecosystems,” presented by Dr. Samuel R...

Friday, February 8

Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Fei Chai

Join us for a seminar from Dr. Fei Chai, Professor at the School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine. Title: Chlorophyll and Nutrient Dynamics In San...

Wednesday, February 13

Bio at Noon: Dr. Stephanie Dutkiewicz and dimensions of marine phytoplankton diversity

Title: “Dimensions of Marine Phytoplankton Diversity,” presented by Dr. Stephanie Dutkiewicz (MIT). Abstract: “Biodiversity of phytoplankton is important...

Friday, February 15

Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Michael Spall

Join us for a seminar from Dr. Michael Spall, Senior Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Title: A simple model for the Transpolar Drift...

Wednesday, February 20

Bay Campus Blood Drive

Please visit to make an appointment (Sponsor Code 0171), and don’t forget to bring your driver’s license or another form of ID when...

Thursday, February 21

Bay Informed: Pollution and Narragansett Bay

Do you want to know more about the impacts of pollutants on the Narragansett Bay ecosystem? Are you interested in learning about ongoing programs to curb...

Friday, February 22

Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Matthew Thomas

Join us for a seminar from Dr. Matthew Thomas, a postdoctoral associate in Yale University’s Geology and Geophysics department, titled, “Transient behavior...

February 2019