Graduate School of Oceanography

Graduate School of Oceanography

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Bio at Noon: Dr. Sarah Lerch (URI)

Join us for a seminar from Dr. Sarah Lerch from URI CELS titled, "Building glass houses: Investigating the molecular biology of diatom silica cell wall...

10/23 12pm
Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Emily Lemagie (WHOI)

Join us for a Physical Oceanography Seminar from Dr. Emily Lemagie of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution titled, "Cross-shore Heat Fluxes as a Buffer to...

10/25 10:30am
Geological Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Alexander Evans (Brown University)

Join us for a Geological Oceanography Seminar featuring Dr. Alexander Evans of Brown University titled, “The First Billion Years of Lunar Evolution: A...

10/25 2pm
Physical Oceanography Seminar: Dr. Zhuomin Chen, WHOI

Hear from Dr. Zhuomin Chen of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in a seminar titled, "Dynamics and Spatio-temporal Variability of the Mid-Atlantic...

12/6 10:30am

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