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Intro to Python

This is part of four WebEx workshops on Python, Python for Data Science and Machine learning. We will work on some code together and learn how we integrate...

4/3 2pm
Python for Data Science

Python for Data science focuses on those researchers who have been using R or SAS for their data science research. Explore Python with us and integrate it in...

4/10 2pm
Intro to Machine learning

Build machine learning models with us through WebEx sessions. Integrate machine learning into your research.

4/24 2pm
Machine Learning Junior Summer Camp

The Machine Learning Junior summer camp is one of the summer camp programs at the URI AI Lab this summer. Teach a computer to recognize faces, handwriting,...

6/22 9am
Programming for AI Junior Summer Camp

Programming for AI Junior will give students the opportunity to explore the world of AI. Students will build basic programming skills while exploring topics...

6/22 9am

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