Project X: The Harlem Shake

Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Mackal Field House 75 Keaney Rd., Kingston, RI, 2881


The second URI "Harlem Shake" video is being produced at the Mackal Field House. The Harlem Shake is a fun event leading to creation of a 30-second online video that is spread worldwide via social media channels.  Read more about the event in the Good 5 Cent Cigar and view the earlier URI Video created.


Bring your URI ID and a little bit of money.
Donations welcome small or large. All money donated goes toward American Heart Association

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Andrew Santangelo Ryan McLarney Bryce Librizzi Ari Tinios Janelle Gorman
Nathan R Umbriano Anne Krajewski Liz Hesketh Lindsey DeMattio Michael Henni

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