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Bethany Fay

Bethany Fay left a review 9/29/2017

Okay. Glad I went.

Lily Rascoe

Lily Rascoe left a positive review 9/29/2017

非常好!this celebration was so beautiful, and a great way to blend Chinese culture into our University!! I had a great time, the food was great and the performers were incredible! I can't wait to attend next year!

Alexander Pittman

Alexander Pittman left a positive review 9/29/2017

Amazing performances I've never seen before! Very well organized and started right on time.

Allison Schleier

Allison Schleier left a positive review 9/5/2017

it was great

Ray Horvath

Ray Horvath left a positive review 9/5/2017

Her stories about her family and friends were both interesting and hilarious at the same time. I love SNL and it was great to see Cecily do something else she is great at and loves.

Jhodi Redlich

Jhodi Redlich posted a photo 7/18/2017

Photo courtesy the Jane Goodall Institute. Photo courtesy the Jane Goodall Institute.

Xu Cui

Xu Cui left a positive review 11/1/2016

Clearly he said a lot but with no solution. But I know that people in the US are not satisfied with their political system and media.

Chrissy Asermely

Chrissy Asermely left a positive review 9/22/2015

Amazing man, amazing message. I wish I could hear him lecture again

Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis posted a photo 5/14/2015

Bergljot Gudmundsdottir

Bergljot Gudmundsdottir left a positive review 4/7/2015

ATB3 was thought-provoking, powerful, and poignant. Thanks to Dr. Lisa Weyandt for bringing Darryl Roberts and ATB 3 to URI!