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​Research Applied to Management of a Congressional Designate Marine Protected Area

​Research Applied to Management of a... 12/3 2:30pm

Research Applied to Management of a Congressional Designate Marine Protected Area: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Presenter: Dr. Craig MacDonald,...

8th ENRE Seminar

8th ENRE Seminar 12/5 11:00am

Heterogeneity and Sorting in Consumer Valuation of Energy Efficiency Investments: Empirical Evidence from the US Automobile Market Presenter: Edson Okwelum...

Landscape Architecture Series

Landscape Architecture Series 2/12/2015 7:00pm

Nathan Socha, ASLA, Beta Group, Lincoln, RI and Cheryl Russ, Glen Gate Company, Wilton, CT Landscape Architecture Lecture series is co-sponsored by the...

Landscape Architecture Lecture

Landscape Architecture Lecture 2/26/2015 7:00pm

Robert Golde, ASLA, Partner, Towers|Golde, New Haven, CT Landscape Architecture Lecture series is co-sponsored by the URI College of the Environment and...

Landscape Architecture Lecture: “Is this what we call infrastructure?”

Landscape Architecture Lecture: “Is this what... 3/12/2015 7:00pm

Peter Trowbridge, FASLA, Trowbridge, Wolf, Michaels Title: “Is this what we call infrastructure?” Peter Trowbridge is the Founding Principal at Trowbridge...

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7th ENRE Seminar 11/21/2014

6th ENRE Seminar 11/14/2014

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John Burkett

John Burkett left a positive review 11/16/2012

James Opaluch and Thomas Sproul provided excellent overviews of the prize winning work by Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth.

William Green

William Green 10/18/2012

Hi Jodi, Can we add two paragraphs to the lecture announcement that describe it?

The University Campus: Preserving Legacy, Creating History
University campuses are unique settings, typically with large amounts of acreage owned by a single entity. The campus landscape is the foundation for the university community’s interactions, creativity, connections and communication – it is both legacy and endowment. The value of the campus landscape is multifold – its special visual appeal attracts and refreshes students, faculty and staff; as a learning laboratory it supports educational excellence and intellectual exploration; as a setting for events it is useful to alumni, guests and donors; and most broadly, it is an open space and habitat resource that benefits its community, both local and regional.

The pressure to facilitate thoughtful stewardship of the campus landscape has become increasingly challenging as colleges and universities are confronted with uncertainty regarding financial resources, environmental concerns have moved into mainstream awareness, deferred maintenance and aging facilities become more difficult to sustain, desires to more directly use the campus to enrich the educational experience increase, and enrollment continues to outpace available space. Embracing a shared vision for the unique and often misrepresented value the campus landscape lends to an institute – beyond fulfilling the human needs - requires a new methodology for planning that challenges the traditional approach in order to ensure design excellence in the development of new facilities that achieve multiple economic, social and ecological goals.

Jhodi Redlich

Jhodi Redlich posted a photo 10/2/2012

Jhodi Redlich

Jhodi Redlich posted a photo 9/6/2012

The holey veil mushroom (Dictyophora indusiata /Phallus indusiatus) by Taylor Lockwood The holey veil mushroom (Dictyophora indusiata /Phallus indusiatus) by Taylor Lockwood

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