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Karen Franko

Karen Franko left a positive review 3/19/2014

This was very informative. I learned to use Google in different ways to enhance my searches, but I've also learned how Google operates (in terms of algorithms, pages changing, etc.), which I think is helpful to pass on to students. Good examples, moved along quickly. Thank you, Amanda!

E. Ferguson

E. Ferguson left a positive review 2/24/2014

This session was great intro to posing questions and creating an argument for "fair use" of previously published texts, images, etc. in class (and research). If there is some such thing, I would be interested in and "advanced" session at some point.

Karen Franko

Karen Franko left a positive review 2/24/2014

Having never attended a talk on fair use, this was very helpful. Leaders discussed well the criteria for determining fair use, and for documenting your intentions/use to show "good intent" or "good faith" if use were questioned legally. Also, I was not aware of Lib Guides that the library has on the subject, which provide reference material.

Kelly LeMeur

Kelly LeMeur left a positive review 1/29/2014

This was great. I learned about the application, about research, and how the technology works with different resources. It was particularly useful to learn how to use Proquest Flow with different resources. Presenting the material this way gave me micro and macro knowledge. Also, the instructor tailored the information to student need and abilities. Very cool.

Pamela Jackson

Pamela Jackson left a review 12/6/2013

Presenter was great. Learned a few things about my iPad, but much of it was beyond my needs.

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