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Thursday, June 25

Summer and Fall Job Opportunities

Work for URI Campus Rec and enjoy having an on-campus job, working in a healthy, fun environment, make friends that will last a lifetime. URI Campus Rec...

THE STATE OF THE ARTS: URI, RIC, CCRI – Faculty, Student, Alumni and Retired Faculty Virtual Exhibit

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program presents THE STATE OF THE ARTS: URI, RIC, CCRI – Faculty, Student, Alumni and Retired Faculty...

Machine Learning Junior Summer Camp

The Machine Learning Junior summer camp is one of the summer camp programs at the URI AI Lab this summer. Teach a computer to recognize faces, handwriting,...

Programming for AI Junior Summer Camp

Programming for AI Junior will give students the opportunity to explore the world of AI. Students will build basic programming skills while exploring topics...

Robotics Junior Summer Camp

Our Robotics Junior camp introduces students to the exciting world of robotics! Students will learn how to design and build their own robots, as well as...

University of Rhode Island Board of Trustees Meeting

June Board of Trustees Meeting for the Unviersity of Rhode Island. Please visit to view Agenda.

Virtual Event
Education Abroad  101

Join our virtual information session to learn about the Education Abroad Application Process. The session answers frequently asked questions such as: Where...

Virtual Event
Education Abroad 102

Join our WEBEX information session to learn about the application process for education abroad. Get frequently asked questions answered such as: How do I...

Virtual Event
Jerome N. Sanes, Principal Investigator, “LUMINANCE RELATED SIGNALS  IN THE HUMAN BRAIN”

A distinctive component of retinal output encodes absolute light intensity in the visual environment, deriving largely from melanopsin-expressing...

Virtual Event

Thursday, June 25