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Friday, December 6

DUE: Mentor Project Proposals for 2020 SURF

Faculty, graduate students and staff at RI C-AIM's eight partner institutions are invited to submit project proposals for our 2020 Summer Undergraduate...

SOL REVIVAL Exhibition November 4—December 6

URI Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program presents SOL REVIVAL Exhibition November 4—December 6 Artists from the Sol Gallery, a regional Latinx Art...

Hands-on Natural Language Processing Series

Three session series on NLP topics. SIGN UP FOR THE SESSION YOU NEED, OR ALL THREE! Friday, Nov. 15th 10 - 12am - Intro to Natural Language...

Mark Mahosky The Yellow Drawings 1986-2019

Since 1984 Mark has visited and drawn battlefields and sites of the American Civil War throughout the eastern US. The drawings are black ink and charcoal on...

Meditiation in the Greenhouse

Join us every Wenesday & Friday at 12pm for Meditation in the GreenHouse. Following meditation take a nature walk with with our URI Campus Rec Team!

Sticker Fridays

Join us any Friday throughout the semester and learn how to use the Cameo Silhoutte to create vinyl stickers.

Spanish Tutoring Hours

Walk-in tutoring hours for students of Spanish

French Conversation Hour "La Causerie"

Informal setting, games and conversation in French - for any URI students studying French or on exchange from a French-speaking country!

Forensic Science Seminar: Drugs, Poisons and DNA: Rhode Island’s Center for Forensic Sciences

Featured Speaker: Robin Fortunati, chief, State of Rhode Island Center for Forensic Sciences. As chief of the Department of Health’s Center for Forensic...

Guac Shabbat

Come join us on our last shabbat of the semster with burrito bowls and of couse Guac.

Friday, December 6