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2 Butterfield Rd, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, USA

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Debate Group

Debate Group 5pm 4/21

This group is for all students who are interested in learning the art of persuasion and how to formulate an argument.


Mercury 6pm 4/22

Mercury is a discussion group about gender and sexual fluidity. Past discussions have included asexuality, polyamory, being gender-queer, and more.

Cher in the Spotlight

Cher in the Spotlight 8pm 4/22

Cher in the Spotlight is a program put on by the URI LGBTQ Center where various films based on LGBTQ Issues are shown in our space and then discussed.

STEMMase (Catalyzing Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine)

STEMMase (Catalyzing Science, Technology,... 5pm 4/23

STEMMase is a group of individuals interested in issues affecting the STEM fields as well as the health and wellness of the LGBTQ community.

Conversation Group

Conversation Group 7:30pm 4/24

This group is dedicated to general discussion about any and all topics that affect the LGBTQ community.

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Emma Victoria Montague

Emma Victoria Montague left a review 11/21/2011

Well organized in terms of everything being timely. I didn't attend the t-shirt decorating but saw that they had also made banners which were used on the walk. Walk was rather rushed and it was hard to hear the speaker because he was at the front of the procession calling out names, would have been better to have a couple of people reading names. Also felt like the walk should have been more somber, with actual candle light, rather than glow sticks which seemed to trivialize an important issue. The group was passionate but, despite walking through the campus didn't engage with the student onlookers. It would have been a good idea to hand out fliers or some kind of information about why we were doing it. Great idea just needed more thought.

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